High Heels, High Kicks and High Chairs...

Wendy Walker is not your ordinary mother!

Suburban Showgirl is an inspirational one-woman tour de force written by and starring Palmer Davis.  Davis creates the character “Wendy Walker”…wife, mother of two, and professional dancer-whose life is not turning out quite the way she had hoped.  While working as a magician’s assistant in Las Vegas, a backstage mishap forces Walker to evaluate her life like never before…in the five minute before curtain! During an emotional journey through her past, Walker relives some of her most pivotal moments…and comes to a decision that will change her life perspective forever.  Coping with the unpredictable demands of career and family, Wendy Walker’s journey takes her down a path to self-acceptance, and the strength and courage to…”just be.”

Appropriate for all ages!

Written by and starring - Palmer Davis

Directed by - Cate Caplin

Composed and Accompanied by - Ross Kalling

Dramaturgy by - Gregory Fuller and Ross Kalling

Lighting and Set Design by - Gregory Fuller

Set Construction by - Bear Mustoe

Executive Produced by - David Pecoraro

Co-developed by - Leslie Welles

Commercial DP - Troy Christian

Poster Photography - Marge Palmer

Additional photography - Marge Palmer, Michelle Bashe

Reviewed by Bonnie Priever

“She is truly a standout performer, perfectly conveying the trials and tribulations of love, loss, longing for the perfect, if even possible, harmony between mommyhood and pursuit of one's professional ambitions.”

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NOHO Arts District
Reviewed by Lorenzo Marchessi

“Suburban Showgirl Is a Wonderful One-Woman Journey of Dance, Music and Song!”

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Entertainment Today
Reviewed by Joseph N. Feinstein

Suburban Showgirl Dances Into Your Heart
She was poetry in motion
Palmer Davis waltzing her way into your heart in her one-woman show Suburban Showgirl…

The Tolucan Times
Suburban Showgirl
By Amy Bowker

Davis earned every minute of the standing ovation that followed this reviewed performance. A fluid dancer and talented actor, Davis has that indefinable "X" factor - she's fascinating to watch.

LA Weekly

…when Davis gives in to her passion, the show soars — (Paul Birchall)