Suburban Showgirl..."Wow!"

By Steven Stanley

Manhattanites will be in for a treat when Palmer Davis takes her self-penned, self-performed Suburban Showgirl to the New York United Solo Festival (on 42nd Street no less) this coming November...  if there’s anything that will have New York audiences spreading the word about Suburban Showgirl, it’s Davis’s Broadway-caliber dance prowess..

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By Victoria Ordin

Palmer is as impressive in her dramatic moments as in her comedic ones... impressive as are Davis’ choreography, writing, dancing, and acting, and Cate Caplin’s choreography and direction, the show would not reach the heights it does were it not for Ross Kalling’s musical contributions. The songs are beautiful and the score positively haunting. Kalling is an award-winning pianist and musical director...

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Entertainment Today
Reviewed by Joseph N. Feinstein

Suburban Showgirl Dances Into Your Heart
She was poetry in motion
Palmer Davis waltzing her way into your heart in her one-woman show Suburban Showgirl…

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The Tolucan Times
Suburban Showgirl
By Amy Bowker

Davis earned every minute of the standing ovation that followed this reviewed performance. A fluid dancer and talented actor, Davis has that indefinable "X" factor - she's fascinating to watch.

LA Weekly

…when Davis gives in to her passion, the show soars — (Paul Birchall)
Reviewed by Bonnie Priever

“She is truly a standout performer, perfectly conveying the trials and tribulations of love, loss, longing for the perfect, if even possible, harmony between mommyhood and pursuit of one's professional ambitions.”

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NOHO Arts District
Reviewed by Lorenzo Marchessi

“Suburban Showgirl Is a Wonderful One-Woman Journey of Dance, Music and Song!”

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